• Котел на дровах Froling S4 Turbo 34 кВт автоматический (Австрия)
  • Котел на дровах Froling S4 Turbo 34 кВт автоматический (Австрия)
  • Котел на дровах Froling S4 Turbo 34 кВт автоматический (Австрия)

Котел на дровах Froling S4 Turbo 34 кВт автоматический (Австрия)

983500 руб

Дровяной автоматический водогрейный котел Froling S3 Turbo, с механической очисткой дымогарных труб. Работает на дровах.
Выглядит солидно
Размер поленьев впечатляет
Как и встроенный вентилятор для отвода дымовых газов


Разрез дровяного котла Фролинг S4Even the 15 kW models of the S4 Turbo can burn half metre pieces of wood. As a result of the large loadingn area, long loading intervals are possible and front loading becomes easy. Often the boiler only has to be filled once for the whole day. While the S4 Turbo is providing pleasant warmth from wood, you have more time for other things.


Цилиндрическая камера сгорания из карбида кремния froling S4

Froling has developed the traditional cylindrical combustion chamber shape and is setting new standards with an optimised heating gas duct. The lengthened combustion zone further reduces emissions, due to this you contribute considerably to cleaner air by using this firewood boiler. The robust construction and the use of silicon carbide as a material for the high temperature combustion chamber enable a longer service life.


система WOS оптимизацииWe never compromise on ease of use. The WOS (Efficiency Optimisation System ) integrated in the S4 Turbo as standard, consists of special turbulators, which are placed in the heat exchanger pipes. The lever mechanism makes it easy to clean the heating surfaces from outside. Another benefit is that clean heating surfaces lower energy consumption.




предварительный подогрев воздухаNow that’s unique! Because of a special primary air duct, the heat-up chamber door on the S4 Turbo can be closed immediately after ignition, unlike traditional systems that supply air to wood fires. If you like ease of operation, you will love the automatic ignition device. Heating with firewood can be so easy!



дымосос принудительной тягиThe S4 Turbo features an induced-draught fan as standard, optimising reliability. This means that the boiler can also be started without any difficulty when the chimney is cold. The speed-regulated induced-draught fan also stabilises combustion throughout, and adjusts the output to fit requirements.



бездымная докладка дров при работающем котлеYou can look forward to a clean boiler room! The special carbonisation gas extraction ensures that no smoke escapes, even during reloading. This ensures that the area where you operate the boiler remains pleasant.




управление лябмдатроник эс 3200With the new S 3200 boiler control, Froling is stepping into the future. The control unit is optimised to fit requirements, and the individually adjustable viewing angle ensure that all operating statuses are clearly shown. The optimally organised menu structure makes it easy to operate. It is easy to select the important heating and hot water functions using the function keys.


комнатная консоль управления RBG 3200The new RBG 3200 room console makes the system even easier to use. You can control the heating system easily from your living room. It is extremely easy to read off all the important values and status messages and to change settings at the push of a button.